Marcin Wichary |
When fonts fall
Marcin, Figma's resident font enthusiast, dives deep into the quirks and beauty of font fallback: why it happens, what it looks like, and when it fails.
Alia Fite |
Building an open and inclusive design process
Processes shape how you design, develop, and work together as a team. We’re sharing takeaways from Config Europe on how the right processes result in more open and inclusive products.
Wayne Ng |
Six integrations to help your product team collaborate in Figma
Integrations with tools like Confluence and Avocode support different stages of the design process, from user feedback to production.
Josh Shi |
Inside Figma: my time as a new grad
Josh, an engineer on the design system team, shares advice for new grads, based on his road to Figma.
Alia Fite |
The many dimensions of trust in design
Presenters at Config Europe reflect on the importance of building trust with teammates and clients.
Dylan Field |
Embracing the tension between code and design
Everything we announced at Config Europe, and how we’re bringing design and code closer together in Figma.
Abigail Africa |
On pitching and presenting
Student Fellow Abigail Africa shares her tips for making and delivering a great pitch: understanding your audience, presenting with confidence, and why storytelling is key.
Dylan Field |
Figma’s new EMEA HQ
Figma is opening an office in London to better support users across EMEA.
Ana Castrillon |
Making Design Within Reach for online shoppers
As more consumers make buying decisions entirely online, Design Within Reach built a web presence that mimics the brick-and-mortar experience.
Priya Kotak |
Creating multi-brand design systems
Leaders from Shopify, Condé Nast, and Harry’s share their learnings about creating and maintaining design systems.
Aashima Garg |
Inside Figma: enterprise, explained
The enterprise product team at Figma recently shipped updates to help Admins more efficiently manage their Figma Organization. Aashima shares more about this project and how we approach building for organizations of all sizes.
Kiko Lam |
React at 60fps: improving scrolling comments in Figma
We recently improved FPS performance three-fold for scrolling comments in the Figma canvas. Kiko shares the technical details: how she investigated slow performance, prevented unnecessary re-rendering, and optimized component transformation.
Tobias Negele |
How we use Figma templates to facilitate collaboration at Shopify
The team at Shopify shares a framework for managing projects in Figma, including a template you can use to collaboration across your organization.
Abigail Africa |
An open letter about my gap year
Student Fellow Abigail Africa explores what it means to go “back to school” this fall. In her letter, she shares advice from mentors, reflects on the value of education, and invites other students to join the conversation.
Dylan Field |
How work is changing at Figma
Figma is moving to a hybrid model, allowing both in-person and remote work options. We're sharing our approach, with the hope of helping others think through it.
Heather Tompkins |
Explore the Figma Community
As the Figma Community starts rolling out to all Figma users, six creators share the inspiration behind their files—everything from finding a creative outlet during Covid-19 to adapting to a digital classroom.
Jenning Chen |
Inside Figma: reflections on a remote internship
In this article, Jenning gives us a look into her time at Figma. She shares her expectations, what it’s like to intern remotely, and how she managed updates to Figma’s style picker, inception to launch.
Azra Daniels |
Announcing Config Europe: a call for speakers
On September 17, we’re coming together at Config Europe, a virtual conference. Complete our call for speakers form by Friday, 31 July to propose a session.
Lauren Budorick |
Behind the feature: shedding light on shadow spread
An engineer shares how we built support for shadow spread in Figma: exploring algorithms, going down W3C spec rabbit holes, and how she made hard decisions about a (seemingly) simple user request.
Shloak Jain |
A deep dive on deep search
We recently rolled out deep search to help you find the right file even faster. Here, the team who built it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the technical challenges they faced and the tradeoffs they made along the way.
Ana Castrillon |
How BT, a 174-year-old company, continues to push the telecommunication industry forward
Learn how designers, product owners, content designers, and engineers all collaborate in Figma to drive innovation.