Tori Hinn |
The making of Maker Week
Our first fully remote Maker Week is behind us, and we’re sharing what it took to bring it to life: the theme, the creative direction, and how we moved our most analog company tradition online.
Azra Daniels |
Announcing Config Europe: a call for speakers
On September 17, we’re coming together at Config Europe, a virtual conference. Complete our call for speakers form by Friday, 31 July to propose a session.
Peter Garber and Annie Kramer |
How Clearstep simplifies the experience of finding care online
Clearstep wanted to bring an intuitive, user-friendly experience to healthcare. Here, they share how they built their symptom checking and care routing platform, from building user flows to managing custom branding.
Alia Fite |
How to evaluate design tools
Finding the right tools for your team can be overwhelming. Here, we share a framework for project managing, testing, and choosing a design tool, based on what we’ve heard from our users.
Helena Jaramillo |
How to get closer with your developer
Bringing engineers into the product design process early can improve collaboration and help you get to solutions faster. Read on for three tips from a product designer at Coda.
Hareem Mannan |
Beyond mocks: co-designing journeys, diagrams, and more
A look inside how Segment’s product design team co-designs with researchers, product managers, and engineers.
Alia Fite |
Finding design inspiration at home
Members of the Figma design team share the places they turn to when they need a little spark of creativity.
Nina Mehta |
How to pair design (and convince your boss to invest in it)
Mailchimp's Nina Mehta believes that design pairing can improve work quality and save time. Here, she shares how to structure it, plus tips for convincing your boss that it's a good idea.
Noah Levin |
Inside Figma: the product design team’s process
A deep dive into our product design team's day-to-day: meeting cadences, rituals, and culture-building exercises that help everyone stay connected and efficient.
Alia Fite |
The case for lightweight prototyping
Prototypes don't have to be perfect. Read on for more on unpolished prototypes, and some ways the team at Figma is using them.
Maurice Woods |
How Inneract Project empowers the next generation of brown and black designers
Inneract Project empowers young brown and black students through design education. Here, we share some of their stories.
Miguel Cardona |
11 activities in Figma for your classroom
When learning design, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience. These activities will help your students build and refine their skills.
Brie Wolfson |
Figma + Lambda School: Where the remote classroom comes together to learn
Collaborative, interactive lessons inspire a new generation of design professionals
Alia Fite |
Research, remotely
There’s a lot that goes into research, and even more to consider when we’re all working from home. Here, we share some tweaks for making remote user interviews and debriefs a little easier.
Alia Fite |
Keeping that tight-knit feeling, at a distance
It's hard to stay connected while far apart. We've rounded up tips and activities to keep your (currently remote) team feeling like a unit.
Alia Fite |
How to run a remote brainstorm
The Figma team has been working remotely for a couple weeks now, and we’re still adjusting to our new normal. Here, we share tips for running a remote brainstorm, based on what’s working well for us.
Linda Eliasen |
Finding confidence in design decisions
We have all doubted ourselves and our decisions at some point in our careers. This activity will help guide you through your confidence-building journey.
Michelle Morrison |
The Dropbox guide to building creative culture
Learn how the design team at Dropbox builds creative culture. Get the Team Values Toolkit, along with tips for running the exercise with your team.
Dylan Field |
Reflections on Config, our first user conference
When we first set out to organize a user conference, our goal was to create a physical manifestation of the community, a space to have meaningful conversations. Here is a look at some key themes that emerged from those conversations.
Andrea Helmbolt |
Figma on Figma: How we built our website design system
A look at how the Figma marketing team built, and continues to build, the design system for
Amanda Kleha |
Bringing the community together in Figma
There is a lot we are excited about as we look to the year ahead. At the core of it all is the community.