Dylan Field |
Embracing the tension between code and design
Everything we announced at Config Europe, and how we’re bringing design and code closer together in Figma.
Ana Castrillon |
How Kimberly-Clark brings your favorite paper products into your home
As Kimberly-Clark faced changing consumer preferences, stiff competition, and increased production costs, the team embarked on a new initiative to accelerate growth—all centered on their digital presence.
Sean Whitney |
Power up your design system with Figma’s agency partners
Figma has partnered with leading digital and design agencies to help you set up, migrate, and scale your design system in Figma.
Wayne Ng |
Six integrations to help your product team collaborate in Figma
Integrations with tools like Confluence and Avocode support different stages of the design process, from user feedback to production.
Heather Tompkins |
Explore the Figma Community
As the Figma Community starts rolling out to all Figma users, six creators share the inspiration behind their files—everything from finding a creative outlet during Covid-19 to adapting to a digital classroom.
Lauren Budorick |
Behind the feature: shedding light on shadow spread
An engineer shares how we built support for shadow spread in Figma: exploring algorithms, going down W3C spec rabbit holes, and how she made hard decisions about a (seemingly) simple user request.
Shloak Jain |
A deep dive on deep search
We recently rolled out deep search to help you find the right file even faster. Here, the team who built it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the technical challenges they faced and the tradeoffs they made along the way.
Ana Castrillon |
How BT, a 174-year-old company, continues to push the telecommunication industry forward
Learn how designers, product owners, content designers, and engineers all collaborate in Figma to drive innovation.
TJ Pavlu |
Bringing live Figma embeds to your team’s favorite tools
Now, you can embed private Figma files to the tools your team relies on most. Try out embeds in Notion, Dropbox Paper, Jira, and more.
Dylan Field |
Figma’s Series D round
Figma announces Series D funding led by Peter Levine and Marc Andreessen at a16z.
Kris Rasmussen |
Postmortem: Service disruption on April 29th, 2020
The root cause of our recent service outage and next steps
Berk Çebi |
Bridge design and development with the new Zeplin integration
Today, we’re introducing a redesigned Zeplin integration with Figma. Check out the new plugin and read on for more details.
Brie Wolfson |
Bringing Figma to even more classrooms
We’re expanding the Figma for Education program to include online courses, bootcamps, and school-sponsored hackathons. Read on for more about our announcement.
Meagan Gamache |
Look no further: New ways to search and provide context in Figma
Today, we’re announcing Universal Search and Links in the editor. Read on for more on these new features.
Dylan Field |
Building on our open platform: Design in Figma, prototype with Framer
Now, you can import your Figma files into Framer Web for more advanced prototyping. Take a look for more on our new integration.
Students Who Design |
How Students Who Design set up Figma in their online classroom
In this guide, we’ll walk through how we onboard students, organize our files, teach classes, and provide project feedback with Figma for our online course.
Thomas Lowry |
Extend what’s possible with plugins for you and your team
Get inspired by plugin creators from Uber, GitHub, and Atlassian—see what's possible and start creating your own plugins.
Dylan Field |
New ways to create, collaborate, and share more openly
Live from Config 2020, here are all the new features from Figma
Jonathan Widawski |
Test designs early and often with the new Maze integration
Now user testing is easier and faster with Figma and Maze’s new product integration.
John Firebaugh |
Post-mortem: Service disruption on January 21-22, 2020
The root cause of our recent service outage and our next steps
Clancy Slack |
Measuring the value of design systems
The data science team at Figma set out to find out just how much time (and money) could be saved when teams leverage a design system.