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Figma for students

The team at Figma is passionate about design education. If you're a student aged 13+ and enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study, Figma is free for you.
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CS 160, UC Berkeley

Professor Eric Paulos led this popular, 200-student, project-based course where students worked iteratively on smartphone and smartwatch app designs focused on medical and health themes. Following a user-centered design approach, students worked in teams throughout the semester alongside stakeholders and users to develop 39 inspirational new smartphone and smartwatch applications.

Students today are used to collaborating together online in nearly everything they do — Figma beautifully brings that rich collaborative experience to visual design.
Eric Paulos, Professor at UC Berkeley
Eric Paulos, Professor at UC Berkeley

Hack@ Brown 2016

The focus of Hack @Brown is learning, not competition. This is the first hackathon for most participants. That made having a light-weight and easy to use tool essential. On a compressed timeframe, students wanted to focus on practicing new skills and visually expressing their ideas rather than learning the intricacies of how a tool worked.

Figma is great both for students with little experience and those who are more experienced. The tool itself is not a barrier. All you need to do work is the internet and it is easy to get started designing.
Athyuttam Eleti, Organizer of Hack@Brown
Athyuttam Eleti, Organizer of Hack@Brown