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Build it in Figma

Jump in as we design an app in Figma, live, from start to finish. You’ll learn the basics and hone technical skills along the way.

Create a Design System: Documentation

Part 5/5. A design system is only as strong as its documentation. Learn best practices for documenting your design system using Figma and other tools.
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In the file

Peek inside other teams’ files as they open up about their design processes and share best practices with the community.

What’s Next After Product-Market Fit?

You have a product that is loved, and your customers are bombarding you with feature requests. How should you prioritize? Drawing from his experiences at Uber, YouTube, and Figma, Yuhki shares some helpful ideas for how you might approach this phase.
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Office hours

Join our team as we go deep on a different technical topic every week. Come with questions for a live Q&A.

Complex Component Architecture

Diving into complex components, Rogie and Joey talk about best practices for building cards, dialogs, navigations, forms and more.
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