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Figma Features

Explore our feature set; built to be more flexible, collaborative, and powerful.
features contraints

Scale your design to fit any screen size by fixing objects to a parent frame, snapping object to a grid, or even by creating components that scale.

Boolean operations
Boolean operations

With four formulas: union, subtract, intersect, and exclude, you can combine any set of shape layers with precision.


60fps interactive editing brings you ultra crisp, pixel-perfect previews and exports.

Vector networks

We created the pen tool to be more intuitive, allowing for direct manipulation while preserving backwards-compatibility with paths.


Streamlined Prototyping

Build and share rich prototypes directly in your design tool
features interactions

Make your prototypes come to life by defining interactions on click, while hovering, while pressing, and more.

features frames
Device frames

Present your designs in the right environments. You can even choose between portrait and landscape mode.

features scrolling

Enable horizontal, vertical, or any direction scrolling within individual shapes or the entire parent frame.

features overlays

With relative and manually positioning you have full control over where and how overlays appear.

Everything you need to create, evolve, manage, and scale your design systems

features components

Create and share reusable elements. You can even access layers in each instance to easily edit and override text and images.

features team libraries
Team Libraries

Share components and styles with your team directly in Figma without the need for separate file management or syncing.

features styles

Define shared colors, text, grid, and effects styles for use across all of your team’s projects.

Features Production

Better design and developer workflows

Give developers the ability to inspect, copy, export assets, and copy CSS directly from the design file. You can also enable your existing workflows with integrations like Avocode and Zeplin or automate your workflows with our API.

Collaborate in context

Figma makes it easy to share your work, get feedback, and communicate with your stakeholders

Get and leave contextual feedback by commenting on specific areas of a design or prototype. Just send a link to allow anyone to review and comment.

features multiplayer
Multiplayer editing

Edit alongside your coworkers and see exactly what they are doing inside the file. Access controls let you decide when to enable multiplayer and when to fly solo.

features copywriting

Allow your content designers and copywriters to write and edit directly in the design file. With Figma you are always working in the source-of-truth.

features platform
Platform agnostic

Figma is browser based. It works on a Mac, PC, Linux; it even works on a Chromebook. This means you can collaborate with anyone, on any platform.

Customize your workflow with plugins

Automate work, bring in real data, and extend what’s possible in Figma. Install plugins built by the Figma community in one click, or create your own.

Plug Ins
Or, take advantage of these integrations
Zeplin 256x256
DropboxGlyph Blue

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