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Figma vs Invision Studio


Design in the browser wherever you are, whatever platform you’re on.
Figma is platform independent. Work on Windows, Chrome, Linux or Mac.
A design is simply a link. There are no files to continually pass around.
Design, prototype and handoff all in the same tool. Plugins are not required and there is nothing to install.

Real Time Collaboration

Work alongside your teammates in the same file at the same time (just like Google docs).
Live Edits

Live Edits

Work is constantly saved, and all edits can be accessed with version history.

Always Up to Date

Always Up to Date

Everyone is always working in the single source of truth.



All of the teammates you need, working in the same file at the same time.

Powerful editing tools

A unique, collaborative, all-in-one tool that takes you from ideation, to creation, to prototype, to handoff - All online.
Custom “Grids” and “Constraints” make complex, resizeable layouts easy to create.
Vector manipulation is revolutionary via our advanced pen tool (on Vector Networks).
Built in version history. No need to worry about file structure. Sharing files is just sharing a link.

Team Libraries

Build a robust design system with connected UI components.
Always Up to Date

Always Up to Date

Publish components to the team library for others to use.

Shareable Across Files

Shareable Across Files

Anyone can insert shared components into team design files.

Change Notifications

Change Notifications

Get updates when changes are made to shared components.


Design, prototype and present, all in the same tool.
All updates to the design are immediately reflected in the prototype -- no syncing or export required.
Get instant feedback from your team just by sharing a link.
Prototypes are easily run on mobile for more reliable user testing.

Simple Developer Handoff

Developers can jump right into a file with just a link -- no downloading or installing required.
Inspect, copy, and export CSS directly from the design file.
Mirror designs on mobile using “live device preview”.
Adjust the size of the frame to test how layouts will adapt to different screen sizes.

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