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AUTOLAYOUT 2 1080x1080

Design responsively with Auto Layout

Buttons can resize with their text. Lists can rearrange themselves when items are moved around. And now, components can stretch to fill their container.

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Fewer clicks with Selection Colors

Quickly view all selected colors. Update any of these colors across fills, strokes, and text with a single click.

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PlugInSpector 1080x1080

Surface plugin info in the Editor

With the new Plugin Inspector API, developers can update their Figma Plugins to display information from plugins in the properties panel. And, users can easily re-launch plugins to stay in the loop or make updates.

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Test designs early and often with the Maze integration

Test your ideas with real users as you design instead of waiting to A/B test in development. Simply copy and paste your Figma prototype link into Maze to start testing.

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DSA Analytics What's New Page Asset (1)

Better design systems backed by data

Figma is taking the guesswork out of design systems with analytics to help you understand library usage, learn what’s working and what’s not, and measure the impact of design.

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Introducing the Figma Community

Now in beta, the Figma Community is a public space where you can publish live design files and create a public profile. Anyone in the world can view your file source, remix it, and learn from your work.

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Profile 1
Org page 1

A redesign of your Figma workspace

Your Figma workspace is now designed around the people in your team—making it easier for anyone to discover the most important work and projects.

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Get the latest updates on Project Pages

The new Project Pages serve as your team’s project hub. You can pin files for easy access, add notes and links, and serve up context.

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